Implexus Give away No.1

This is the first Implexus give away, it's just a small one to start with BUT never fear these will only get bigger, better and more frequent so please pass on the details to help this give away project grow!

So what's the prize!?!?

This is the most natural set of photos i have of the dreads, they are single ended dreads some medium in length other long. They are Blended and Splashed. A unique combination from the Alchemy Lab of my new website (coming in 2013). If you'd like a set of these then you can find them here.

What do you have to do to win? Simply guess which 6 colours I have used!! Pretty hard hey!? Well the colour chart is here and if no one guesses correctly then I will pop all entries into the magical online pick one at random hat and choose a winner that way.

How to enter? Simply respond to this listing or the listing on..
The Implexus Website form here
Email mistress @ implexus.co.uk

Rules? Just one entry per person please although if you want to enter on facebook and tumblr (for example) I'm okay with that, it shows your support on all the Implexus fronts and that's appreciated.

This will run for 30 days.. so the end date is.

Good luck!!
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