Dang I think i forgot that I had this blog...

Okay resurrecting myself, my blog and my hobby!

2018 should see the website opening again, new items appearing in the webshops and a whole lot of creativity and colour.

That's the plan!!

The website design is crawling along, I keep reminding myself that I need to keep things simple, but there are samples and full head kits appearing on eBay and other places over the Festive period, the set that I am working on right now is incredibly bright and summery and top secret until I have finished them! But watch this space.

For now I'll be working on one project at a time and things will be limited but I should be up to speed as I'm still healing from my mystery illness..

Prices will remain as low as I can keep them but alas things are rising all the time but that's my gift to you!

Below is a pic of some textured naturals made in a new shade of Aqua which was delivered back in the Summer and I'm only getting a chance to play with.

This mixed bag of muted coloured dreads will soon be up for grabs!Get your own custom set of dreads from Implexus,  visit the website or email mistress [at] #hairextensions #dreads #dreadspecialist #braids #dreadlocks #girlswithdreads #synthetichair #burningman #goth #alternative #knotty #dreads4life #dreadlove #dreadstyle #locks #hairfalls #locks #alternative #emo #metal #hairfalls #rainbow #forsale #hairinspiration #hairstyle #hairfaq #haircare #syntheticdreads #smoothdreads #cyberloxshop

A few non hairy items going online over the next couple of days.

I need to clear out a few items so I can make more so I'm having a bit of a sale on all the Implexus and Immodestia shops.

Tonight I'm listing a pair of silver bats on Folksy.

These are on sale for £5 for the pair, many more colours being listed soon. And if you're interested you can have your very own custom pair.
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Green with envy Giveaway is taking shape

I am already thinking about the next give away, if you missed the first one you still have a couple of days to get your response in.. it's looking ok but I was expecting MORE people!! Details are on the implexus website

the next give away will have a theme and that theme will be ... GREEEEEN!

This isn't all of it.. there will be more, to keep up to date when the give away is started and how to enter check out the website and get on the mailing list to be in with a chance to win!